Oktober 05, 2008

Chard with Bratwurst

1. cut chard (Mangold) in small pieces, wash, steam
2. in a pan, fry a sliced onion and one or two sweet apples, cut into small pieces, in sunflower oil
3. cut two fresh sausages (grobe Bratwurst) into pieces and fry with onions and apples
4. add steamed chard
5. season with salt, pepper and some sugar


EEJ hat gesagt…

Can't wait to see what kinds of recipes you dig up for chard... Can you really eat a whole pound of it?

booksandcoffee hat gesagt…

Well, since all I eat with it is an onion, two apples and two sausages, it makes about two servings. I will take the second serving to work and eat it for lunch.