September 27, 2008

Alice Schwarzer: Simone de Beauvoir

I am currently reading interviews with Simone de Beauvoir, interviewed by Germany's leading femininst, Alice Schwarzer. They first met in the early 1970s when Schwarzer conducted an interview with Jean-Paul Sartre in Beauvoir's and Sartre's Paris apartment. Schwarzer and Beauvoir where connected through their activities in the women's movement and stayed close friends until Beauvoir's death in 1986.

What makes the interviews so inspiring are not only the feminist thoughts and theories that the two women discuss; it's more that they dare to think outside of conventions, traditions or any kind of societal or other restricting boundaries.

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EEJ hat gesagt…

It's obviously not the same thing, but they also just published the love letters of Paul Celan and Ingeborg Bachmann in a volume called Herzzeit (schönes Celanwort). It's very much on my list of post-generals pleasure reading.