September 24, 2008

Chinese cabbage with bacon and potatoes

Fry bacon and a finely sliced shallot in a large frying pan. Add some butter.

Cut a head of chinese cabbage (German: Chinakohl) into fine slices and add to bacon. Fry for some minutes and stir occasionally.

Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. When cabbage is done, add some cream (about 6 table spoons) and stir well again.

Eat with boiled potatoes.

With this, I am drinking a Spätburgunger Weißherbst Spätlese Blanc de noir from the Palatinate region of Germany (Pfalz). Weißherbst is a wine made from red grapes but produced like a white wine. Unlike "blush" wines in other countries, German Weißherbst may only be produced from one grape varietal to carry that name. This particular wine is very light in color - you could not tell that it's not a white wine just by the look of it.

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The Wannabe MD hat gesagt…

Mmm, reading your blog is going to make me hungry! I miss your cooking. :)