September 27, 2008

Saturday Routine - Stuffed Pumpkin - Rose Blossom Liqueur

Being at work all day during the week, I have developed a certain Saturday Routine. After sleeping in, usually until about nine, ten or eleven, I have coffee and some sort of breakfast in my kitchen and write a shopping list. Then I get my big shopping bag and "hit the village," as my friend H. calls going to the shops in our somewhat fancy neighborhood.

I first go to what Americans would call a drug store, think CVS or Walgreens, only really nice. Besides the usual drug store things, they also carry a large variety of organic foods like yogurt, milk, cheese, juice, chocolate, candy and many more things. This is where I do the first half of the weekend's grocery shopping, followed by a stop at the organic bakery (my favorite: an Italian ciabatta with whole Kalamate olives). Sometimes more stops follow, for example at the newsstand, the pharmacy, the stationary shop, or the organic farmer's market.

Before I go to the supermarket to get the remaining groceries, it is time for the best part of the Saturday Routine: getting coffee at the Northern German Starbuck's clone Balzac and reading the newspaper for an hour or two! The last thing of such a shopping trip is always a stop at the flower shop where I get a bouquet of fresh flowers for my kitchen, and sometimes another one for the living room. Today I got a large bunch of sunflowers for the living room, a last reminder of the quickly vanishing summer.

On some Saturdays I don't have time for all this, or I am too lazy to go to all these places. But when I just go to the supermarket to get the most urgent necessities, it is just not the same. It's not a lovely, relaxing Saturday. The Saturday Routine is a great way to put away and enjoy some true me-time once a week.

The culinary result of today's Saturday Routine was stuffed pumpkin. I had a small Hokaido pumpkin in my organic food box this week. (The box is delivered to my house each week and keeps challenging me with less common vegetables and seasonal foods.)

Stuffed Pumpkin

Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F. Wash a small Hokaido pumpkin and cut off the cap. Remove the seeds with a tablespoon. Put some vegetable oil on the pumpkin and place it in an oven dish. Bake pumpkin for approx. 20 min.

Boil three medium sized potatoes until about 3/4 done. Peel potatoes and cut them into 1cm/quarter-inch cubes. Mix potato cubes and 200g/0.4 pounds of ground beef with some salt, pepper, chili pepper and herbes de Provence. (Adding feta cheese to the mix might be a good variation as well, I will try that next time.)

Fill mix into pumpkin and bake for another 45 min until the meat is done.

Today's wine is an Italian prosecco which I "pimped" with a lacing of Austrian rose blossom liqueur that I bought at a culinary fair last month.


EEJ hat gesagt…

Klingt alles ganz schön lecker! Besonders das Einkaufen und Kaffeetrinken bei Balzac. (Großer white Mokka wäre jetzt genau das, was ich bräuchte...) Ich habe Donnerstag auch ein merkwürdiges Kürbis bekommen... Butter Cup Squash soll es heißen... Weiß noch überhaupt nicht, was ich damit machen soll. Vielleicht probiere ich deinen Rezept ... kann ja nicht schlecht sein. :) WISH I WERE THERE!

EEJ hat gesagt…

I just discovered this site and WOW. You'll like it.